1. BASIL (Egypt): Stimulating, uplifting, refreshing. Improves memory, creativity, and concentration. Decreases confusion, indecision, depression, fear, mental stress, fatigue, headache, nausea. Good for insect bites. Avoid use during pregnancy. -- $12

2. BERGAMOT (Italy): Relaxing, refreshing, uplifting, cooling, sinusitis. Use for allergies, acne, psoriasis, flatulence. Used to allay anxiety, is an anti-depressant. Is used to flavor Earl Gray Tea. Substitute for Rose oil. Avoid exposing skin to direct sunlight soon after using this oil. -- $15

3. BLACK PEPPER (India): Warming, energizing, stimulates both body and mind. Increase appetite and relieve pain of arthritis, reduces fever, stimulates skin circulation. --$10

4. CAMPHOR (China): Warming, stimulating, energizing, purifying, cleansing. Good for respiratory problems, constipation and diarrhea. Relieves pain. An aphrodisiac (helps in celibacy):. Avoid use during pregnancy. Could neutralize homeopathic medicines. -- $9

5. CEDARWOOD (USA): Balancing and antiseptic. Used as a tonic to allay anxiety and helps in meditation. Relieves arthritic conditions and reduces pain. Avoid using on skin during pregnancy. -- $10

6. CHAMOMILE (France): Relaxing relieves pain, increases awareness. Soothes sunburn. Decreases anxiety, nervous tension, depression, anger, irritability. Reduces earache, toothache and headaches. Safe oil for children. Kelps prevent stretch marks. Could neutralize homeopathic medicines. -- $22

7. CINNAMON (Sri Lanka): Antiseptic, waning, stimulating, aphrodisiac. Relieves pain, cold and flu, PMS. Skin irritant. Always use diluted. -- $10

8. CLARY SAGE (France): Euphoric, warming, calming, relaxing, aphrodisiac. Helps in hormonal imbalance. Good for PMS. Anxiety, hyperactivity, hysteria, headaches and migraine. May induce psychic dreams. Can cause drowsiness. Avoid driving or operating machinery after use. -- $15

9. CLOVE BUD (Madagascar): Antiseptic, aphrodisiac. Mental and general stimulant relieves pain, toothache, rheumatism. Skin irritant. Always use diluted. -- $10

10. CYPRESS (France): Antispasmodic, warming, diuretic, anti-cellulite. Helps with edema, hot flushes, asthma, weight reduction, hormonal imbalance, varicose and thread veins, hemorrhoids. -- $12

11. EUCALYPTUS (Australia): Energizing, soothing and stimulating. Helps reduce respiratory congestion colds and fevers. Relieves pain. Kills air-born bacteria. Cleanses and purifies. Avoid when pregnant and if subject to epilepsy. -- $12

12. FENNEL (Spain): Digestive, anti-spasmodic, stimulant. Revitalizes skin cells, Detoxifies. Helps reduce weight, cellulite, water retention, helps restore hormonal balance. Relieving menstrual problems. -- $15

13. FIR (Russia): Refreshing, purifying and cleansing. Good for reducing respiratory problems, asthma, shortness of breath. -- $9

14. FRANKINCENSE (Egypt): A calming oil prevents anxiety before a respiratory attack. Relieves asthma, coughs, laryngitis, colds, post natal depression. Regenerates aging skin cells, helping decrease wrinkles. Excellent for meditation and to increase spiritual insight. Used in ritual from Biblical times to this day. One of the gifts brought to the Baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men. -- $22

15. GERANIUM (Morocco): Both stimulating and calming. Excellent for all skin problems and conditions. Helps relieve PMS, cramps, menstrual and menopausal problems. Relieves tension, anxiety and depression. An Immune-stimulant. An aromatic insect repellent. -- $15

16. GINGER (China): Stimulating, warming, aphrodisiac. Soothes indigestion, nausea, hangovers, travel sickness. Relieves pain, especially in joints and in arthritis. Stimulates circulation. -- $10

17. GRAPEFRUIT (USA): Uplifting, energizing, anti-depressant. Used as a positive antidote for self doubt and lack of confidence. Tightens skin, anti-cellulite. Relieves pain, headaches and migraine. Stimulates the lymphatic system. -- $10

18. JUNIPER BERRY(France): Refreshing, energizing. Stimulates lymphatic system. Improves memory. Anti-depressant. Diuretic, anti-cellulite, helps reduce water and weight. Relieves arthritis and rheumatism. Regulates periods, eases cramps. Used to clean crystals of negativity. Avoid if prone to kidney problems. -- $15

19. LAVENDER (France): 'First Aid Kit in a Bottle. Helpful in many ways for body and mind. Is used in hundreds of applications. Helps heal wounds, cuts, burns, relieves headaches. Acts as a local anesthetic to relieve pain, sunburn, asthma, throat infections to name a few. Calms, balances the emotions, helps bring joy, peace, and tranquility. Prevents anxiety attacks. Relieves irritability and sleeplessness. Is immune-stimulant. Good for children. Helps keep bugs out of the house and off your pets. -- $15

20. LEMON (USA): Refreshes and detoxifies, cleanses and purifies. Helps relieve pain. Used in blends to relieve arthritis, headaches, constipation. Helps body be more alkaline. Reduces cellulite. Can bleach and clear blemishes. Uplifts one's spirit. -- $10

21. LEMONGRASS (Madagascar): Refreshes and deodorizes. Helps relieve pain, encourages appetite, tones loose skin due to dieting, relieves fatigue, stimulates digestion and lymphatic system and detoxifies. An excellent mosquito and insect repellent. Best used in dilution in a carrier oil. -- $10

23. MARJORAM (Spain): Calming and relaxing. Relieves pain, insomnia, headaches and migraine. Constipation and colds. Increases circulation. Regulates menstrual cycle, allays anxiety, menially and emotionally warming. An aphrodisiac (helps in celibacy):. Excellent after-sports rub. Avoid during pregnancy. -- $10

24. MYRRH (Egypt): Is a gentle healer. Cools, revitalizes and regenerates the skin. Balances body, mind and spirit. Stimulates the psyche, helping in meditation. Helps relieve colds, coughs, sinusitis, and cold sores. One of the gifts brought to the Baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men. Avoid during pregnancy. -- $24

25. NUTMEG (Indonesia): Calming and relaxing. Relieves pain. Stimulates the digestion. Aphrodisiac. Is the oil for the 3rd Eye. Helps develop psychic insight. Avoid during pregnancy, and do not use for prolonged periods of time. -- $10

26. ORANGE (USA): Uplifting, refreshing, aphrodisiac, both stimulating and calming. Helps relieve pain, brings down fever and is anti- depressant. Is a tonic for the heart and helps bring joy and peace. A comforting oil. Good for digestion. Helps absorb vitamin C. -- $10

27. PATCHOULI (India): Aphrodisiac, skin cell regenerator, a skin tonic and fungicide. Appetite suppressant. Helps heal cracked and inflamed skin, reducing scarring and tightening loose skin. An Antidote for some insect and snake bites.  -- $12

28. PEPPERMINT (USA): Both soothing and energizing. Helps relieve pain, sinusitis, headaches, nausea, dizziness, fainting, travel sickness, jet lag. Insect repellent. Stimulates body and mind. Anti-depressant. Is the essential oil extracted in the largest quantity in the world being used mainly in the food industry for flavoring. Avoid during first 3 months of pregnancy. Use in dilution. Could irritate the skin. Could neutralize homeopathic medicines. -- $12

29. PETITGRAIN (Italy): Uplifting, stimulating, is anti-depressant. Aids in digestive problems. Relaxes muscle spasms. A deodorant. Clears skin blemishes and pimples. Is used in fragrance and cosmetic industry, Good substitute for the more expensive Neroli or Orange Blossom. This essential oil is extracted from the shoots of the Orange blossom tree. -- $12

30. PINE (Germany): Warming, purifying and cleansing. A powerful antiseptic; used as a disinfectant, deodorant, air freshener. Relieves respiratory problems, sinusitis. Repels fleas. -- $10

31. ROSEMARY (Spain): Invigorating, refreshing, energizing, stimulating, and a quick pick-me-up' for low energy. Good for skin and hair care. Is an immune-stimulant. Relieves aching, sore and tired feet, headaches, sciatica and migraine. Effective in cellulite control. Avoid if prone to epilepsy and high blood pressure. -- $12

32. ROSEWOOD (Brazil): Also known as 'Bois-de-Rose1, is aphrodisiac, calming, anti-depressant. Aids in skin regeneration; relieves skin problems. Is a deodorant. Extracted from the wood of trees grown for furniture on a farm, outside the tropical rain forests. -- $12

33. SAGE (Spain): Warming and soothing. Purifies and disinfects. Prevents gingivitis. Immune-stimulant. Relieves pain and fatigue. Reduces water retention and cellulite. Controls excess sweating. Is a muscle relaxant. Used for centuries by the North American Indians for cleansing and in ritual. Avoid if prone to epilepsy and during pregnancy. -- $10

34. SANDALWOOD (India): Aphrodisiac. Gentle, calming and relaxing for body, mind and spirit. Has been used in ritual long before Frankincense. Excellent for nourishing and smoothening skin. Relieves heartburn, insomnia, sore throats, and laryngitis. Is centering and balancing. Helps in meditation and focus. Do not use during depression: may be too calming. Is an immune-stimulant. -- $24

35. SPEARMINT (USA): Stimulating, anti-depressant. Helps reduce itchy skin and relieves pain, constipation, diarrhea, hiccups. Good oil for children. Aids in respiratory and digestive problems. Protects from unpleasant dreams. Could neutralize homeopathic medicines. -- $10

36. SWEET, BIRCH (USA): safer oil than Wintergreen, with common pain relieving and warming properties. Is excellent for soothing aching muscles and arthritis. Is a diuretic, lymphatic cleanser. Detoxifies. Reduces water retention and cellulite. -- $10

37. TANGERINE (USA): A gentle oil for children. Uplifting, energizing, anti-depressant. Helps relieve PMS and digestive problems. -- $10

38. THYME (Israel): Stimulating, energizing, balancing, immune-stimulant. Relieves pain, fevers, laryngitis, sore throat, sciatica. Has been used by the North American Indians for centuries in ritual and for medicine. Avoid during pregnancy and if prone to high blood pressure. -- $10

39. TEA TREE (NSW, Australia): Known as ‘The Miracle Oil'. Is highly antiseptic with powerful immune-stimulant properties. Is extracted from "Melaleuca altemifolia". Anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Has a wide range of uses, including eliminating Candida, gastric and respiratory problems, earaches. Is the best oil known for helping strengthen the immune and lymphatic systems. -- $15

40. YLANG YLANG (Indonesia): Aphrodisiac. The name means 'flower of flowers'. Very sensual and stimulating when used in low doses. Very calming and soothing in higher dosages. Is used in 90% of the world's perfumes. Avery sweet and feminine oil. Is a good substitute for the more expensive Jasmine or Pikake. -- $15

JASMINE (1ml): -- $30

NEROLI - Orange Blossom (1ml): -- S30

ROSE (1ml): -- $30

* These essential oils are for external use only. Please keep out of reach of children.