There are two major methods used to detect and display the human aura. Kirlian photography, developed by Smeyon Kirlian in the 1930s in the U.S.S.R., and Biofeedback Aura Imaging Photography introduced in 1992 by Guy Coggins of California, USA, Inventor of the Progen 6000 Polaroid Aura Camera.

The Bio-feedback Aura Imaging method requires subjects to place their hands on sensor plates, to detect the electromagnetic energies associated with Temperature, EMG (Muscle Tension), EDA (Electro dermal Activity, i.e., sweat), Heart Rate, Respiration and EEG (Brain Waves).

This information is then transmitted to the camera which digitally maps it as a field of colored light, to be superimposed around the body in the following manner. A regular Polaroid photo is taken of the transmitted bio-feedback information and exposed on the same negative. The aura can then be seen displayed as a colorful field of light in the photograph. Progen also markets Win Aura, a software program that allows one to "see the aura move and change like a movie in real time on your computer or TV screen" and to "print your aura image from computer printer”.

Paradise Aura Co. uses The Progen 6000 Aura Camera and WinAura, Software program to produce our aura images. There are some minor variations in opinions about the meaning of the colors represented in aura photographs, but the Color Key Template we provide is based on generally accepted interpretation standards.



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Ken Austin, DSCW is the owner/photographer of "Paradise Aura". He is also a practicing astrologer since 1969. He classifies his astrological style as "A Humanistic Astro Karma Yoga", intended to assist the individual in better aligning oneself with one's ultimate destiny. He has lived and worked in Honolulu since 1980. He has an utterly candid approach in working with clients, using an accurately cast Horoscope as a cyclic time map combined with current Planetary Progressions and Transits, revealing the potential impact of each unfolding present moment as it applies to an individual's innate potential.

What is Aura Photography? Aura photos will document the effects upon a subject's AURIC FIELD of virtually any therapeutic health and wellness intervention/healing technique used. This application of Aura Photography is especially helpful to both therapist and client in assessing what modalities are best fitted to the client's needs and what change is occurring as a result of treatment. Aura photography is part of the monthly full and new moon meditation packages. If you wish to make an appointment for the next full moon meditation, contact us at Lotus Health & Healing Center - Phone No. (808) 792 0323 for private photo session with
Mr. Ken Austin.

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